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"Live Vigorously Achieving Daily"

Dedication, Motivation and Elevation...


The SJ LifeSyle Brand Company designs high-quality medical waist bags (aka fanny packs) that support the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) in a more comfortable, secure, and discreet manner. In other words, We are the heartbeat of successful Living Vigorously Achieving Daily while maintaining absolute confidence. We also have a wonderful bonus motivational line of T-Shirts to stylishly rock with Your Official SJ Brand bags. Hey! You guys want to know a little secret ... I'm not only a customer, I'm the designer as well, and that allows me to design my products with Empathy, Passion, Love, and Understanding. Whether its the SJ Brand Bags or the shirts or the Support, I look forward to serving you and your loved ones, growing exponentially to heights extending beyond the limitations that Life, Society, Health and even Seeming Normalities try to place on you. Here at SJ LifeStyle Brand we truly believe To Get Inspired Is To Be Inspired which means if You Want Different Do Different. Teaching, Showing, and Growing with my clients... It's The SJ Way!!!  

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