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To Get Inspired Is To Be Inspired
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Sonya Jackson

"That is me... I am her"

She’s a Woman that lived every day enduring her ups and her downs; the good, with the bad without any noticeable sign of the direction life was taking her. Without any knowledge or understanding of her purpose, she trudged along, until one pivotal day Her Savior awakened not only her eyes but her zest for life and her spirit of zeal. You're wondering how and that's understandable... He did so by not only testing her physical, mental, and emotional strength but also her faith that all things would work for her greater good and well being.


While she may have lived for thirty years already, her journey had not truly begun until She battled stage 3 Breast Cancer, followed immediately with having to battle a condition called CHF; which is the acronym for Congestive Heart Failure. When given this news, as for any human It would, life completely changed, and almost took her down and out; but as it would stand she was meant to be more than a statistic.


She was meant to be a source of inspiration, encouragement, and an uplifting continued source of aspired innovation. Currently, she is living her life with the aid of a life-sustaining machine called an LVAD which is short for Left Ventricular Assist Device. LVAD is a pump that takes over the left ventricle ( or left side) of the heart and runs along the outside of the body; It comes equipped with two batteries and a controller that commands not only the speed of the pump but also the alarms that can occur when and if it detects something wrong with the blood flow or the heart itself.


Needless to say, the machine is working wonderfully!!! Simply put, SJ LifeStyle Brand at Its core is a true representation of Strength, Encouragement, Resilience, Comfortability, Buoyancy,  and Most Importantly the Courage to Live and Self-Love. I speak in 3rd person because the person who I was is no longer who I currently am. This isn’t just a brand its also a way of life... A forward-moving and thinking Movement!


Thank you for your support.

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